Who We Are

Holistic Educational Mission (HEM Ashram) is a charitable non-profit organization serving disadvantaged segments of the Indian population since 2008. We mainly address the needs of poor and orphan children, youth, women and the rural poor. HEM Ashram is committed to meet the holistic needs of this weaker section of society.

We mainly work among tribals of Dangs region. Dangs region consists of Dangs, Valsad, Navsari, and Silvassa. People from the Warli, Kunbi and Bhil tribes stay in Dangs. All together, they are known as Dangis’ or Kukna. Dangi (common identity for tribal communities living in the Dangs). People here are still largely dependent on farming for their livelihood, now that the forests they depended on for their sustenance have disappeared. Almost all of them are farmers with limited plots of land. Most of them have long been neglected. 80% of people are still illiterate.We are based out of Jagiri village in Valsad, Gujarat. Our Primary focus is to show them that we care and we want to bring them up to be aware of the changing world around them.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to make education accessible to all. We aim to equip the marginalized by deploying strategic initiatives, capacity building, and forging solidarity, thus facilitating self-confidence and self-reliance.

Our Mission

We work towards the empowerment of the orphans, women and tribal poor in living life to live with dignity, recognize their potential, embrace change and participate in our education programs.