India’s water crisis is an ever-growing problem. India, in general, is water-stressed due to changing weather patterns and repeated droughts. Our region normally has good rain, but most of the water flows away because of poor drainage controls. As a result, we face water issues for four to five months during summer. We supplement our needs by buying water, delivered in tankers. Last year with the financial help of some good Samaritans, we dug one well and a nearby pond to store rainwater. Water pumps, water filtration systems, storage tanks, and pipes will be installed shortly, to bring and distribute water to the campus.

Every year most of the school kids, including orphan and poor tribal kids in our hostel, suffer some degree of serious diseases from the unsafe water. We have now made significant progress in addressing the water issue. We are also incorporating rainwater harvesting and eco-friendly/organic farming, in our practices.

HEM Ashram is located in the mountainous region of Dharampur district, near Valsad. HEM serves the needs of underprivileged children of Jagiri and the surrounding tribal villages. We provide an English medium education and lodging & boarding for students, including a significant number of orphans, from 1st to 12th class/Grade.

Like many remote locations in India, HEM lacks basic essentials - clean water and adequate toilet facilities.

Current projects:

Well And a Pond

Well and a pond for rainwater harvesting and eco-friendly/organic farming. Nearly completed at a total cost of Rs.7 lacs.

Filtering and storing systems for drinking water

Filtering and storing systems for drinking water are projected to be completed by the end of March 2022 at a total cost of Rs 4.8 Lacs

On our wish list: We need a backup Diesel generator for the pumps. Electric supply is unreliable, with constant blackouts.


Pond Final