Child Sponsorship

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Sponsor A Child In Need Today For Only Rs 2000 A Month!

A sponsorship program makes it possible for a family or an individual to sponsor the cost of education for one underprivileged child in India. The program aims to support a child financially till he completes college or vocational education. You can become a sponsor for as little as Rs 2000 a month.

Your Sponsorship Helps Give A Child:

  • A nurturing and loving home in a family environment
  • Individualised care that supports the child’s development
  • A supportive Community with Stable relationships
  • Education and training to prepare for the future
  • Access to health services and proper medical care
  • Support to prepare for an independent adult life

Becoming a sponsor means giving needy children from India a chance to grow up healthy, educated, and safe thus forever changing their life and future. In the process, you just might find that it changes you, too.

If you become a child sponsor with us, you will receive the child's photo and a short profile, as well as information on the particular child’s background and village. We will also provide you with more information about our organization and our work. Once a year you will receive a progress letter about your sponsored child and at the end of the year, you will receive a second letter telling you about life at the orphanage as well as a photo of your sponsored child.