HEM Ashram is situated in the remote countryside where electricity is not constant. When supply is there it fluctuates so much and that often leads to grid failure resulting in no electricity for days. So for a constant and reliable supply of lighting and energy in this remote area we are planning to install a sustainable off-grid solar system for the campus.

Right now our orphanage is merely designed to keep kids fed and to provide shelter. But we intend to create a place where kids can grow, learn, and become productive citizens and leaders of India. Once this project is in place it is expected to lower energy costs by up to 90 percent, amounting to about Rs 10000 each month. Solar project will also address the problem we are facing in providing hot water for the children. Right now we are unable to afford the high electricity bills for heating water. Hot water is being looked upon as a luxury because we have to prioritize the funds for the other critical needs of the children such as food, education and medicines. However, with the cold-water showers, small children often fall sick.

Our ultimate goal is to make the orphanage self-sustaining, and solar power is the first critical step to that mission. We invite you to work together on this meaningful charitable project and help us build a sustainable future for lost and abandoned children in India for generations to come. It’s going to change lives.